AQAP Surges in Yemen as War Rages

The Shi’a Houthi rebels’ advance on Yemen’s capital Sana’a from late 2014 was a slow burning conflict that led to the resignation of President Abdu Rabbu Mansur Hadi on January 22, which prompted chaos in Sana’a and has since...

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France to Refund Russia $1.2 billion for Non-Delivery of Mistral Helicopter Carriers

May 4, 2015

Russia’s March 17, 2014, annexation of Crimea plunged Russian-Western relations to their lowest level since the Cold War. Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) subsequently imposed sanctions on Russia over its...

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Chinese Investors Show Interest in the North Caucasus

May 4, 2015

China has found an unlikely ally in the North Caucasus—the region’s smallest republic, Ingushetia. The Ingushetian government has announced that a large Russian-Chinese forum will take place in the republic and contracts worth...

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Putin’s Political Pause Amid National Mobilization

May 4, 2015

As if trying to compensate for his recent “disappearance” in early March, President Vladimir Putin participated in a series of high-intensity meetings and public events last week. His domestic audiences included students and...

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China Takes Stock of U.S.-Japan Alliance as Abe Speaks to Congress

May 1, 2015

As Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits the United States on April 26-May 3, all eyes in China are watching how Abe speaks about ongoing historical memory issues and how he is strengthening the U.S.-Japan alliance. By...

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China’s Global Maritime Presence: Hard and Soft Dimensions of PLAN Antipiracy Operations

May 1, 2015

Nearing the Twilight of Somali Antipiracy?

The global antipiracy mission off Somalia, a hallmark for collective 21st-century international security, is gradually moving toward a close. There have been no successful Somali pirate...

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PLA Special Operations Forces: Organizations, Missions and Training

May 1, 2015

People’s Liberation Army (PLA) special operations forces (SOF) are considered among the “new type” units receiving priority for development (Information Office of the State Council, April 16, 2013). With their roots in...

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The Top Trends in China’s Military Diplomacy

May 1, 2015

Global outreach is the inevitable course for China’s forces to deal with various threats and to fulfill multiple tasks in the process of realizing the “Chinese Dream” and a strong military. China’s armed forces accelerated their...

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A Net Assessment of Developments in Eurasia Since the Start of 2014

January 8, 2015

During the week of October 14–20, 2014, Eurasia Daily Monitor presented a series of special issues featuring net assessments of developments across Eurasia since the beginning of the year. Following Ukraine’s Revolution of...

Category: Report, The Caucasus, Central Asia, Europe, Russia

Zapad-2013: A View From Helsinki

August 18, 2014

As a full-fledged war between Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed irregulars rages on in Ukraine’s eastern region of Donbas, Western defense experts are only now beginning to thoroughly assess the military lessons of the...

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Unmasking Terror Volume II: A Global Review of Terrorist Activities

By:Michael Scheuer

September 19, 2006 10:39 AM

Unmasking Terror Volume II, brings together over 50 experts on terrorism, intelligence and security.

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Baltic Defense & Security After Ukraine: New Challenges, New Threats

April 30, 2015 09:00 AM

To commemorate 25 years of Baltic independence, The Jamestown Foundation is proud to announce that, on April 30, it will organize a conference entitled, “Baltic Defense & Security After Ukraine:...

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Polish Radio WNET Interviews EDM Managing Editor Matthew Czekaj About Hybrid War in Poland

May 4, 2015

On May 4, Polish radio WNET interviewed Jamestown's Program Associate for Europe and Eurasia Matthew Czekaj about the appearance of Russia's hybrid warfare tactics against Poland. [Interview in Polish]

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Wladimir van Wilgenburg Quoted by ES Global

April 27, 2015

Spanish news website ES Global discussed the improving inter-Kurdish relations since last year due to attacks by the Islamic State with Wladimir van Wilgenburg

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