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The PLA’s Latest Strategic Thinking on the Three Warfares

August 22, 2016

Beijing’s response to the unfavorable South China Sea arbitration outcome has highlighted an important aspect of its military strategy, the “three warfares” (三战). Consisting of public opinion warfare (舆论战), psychological warfare...

Category: China Brief, Military/Security, Info Warfare/Media, Home Page, China, China and the Asia-Pacific

Taiwan’s Military Reforms and Strategy: Reset Required

August 22, 2016

According to recently inaugurated President Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan’s military is in need of “drastic” reforms to address a number of problems including military officers’ lack of strategic guidance, limited resources, and issues...

Category: China Brief, Home Page, Military/Security, Foreign Policy

Chinese Foreign Policy in South Sudan: the View from the Ground

August 22, 2016

This article draws on a number of interviews conducted in South Sudan by the author in June 2016.

China’s foreign policy in South Sudan is undergoing significant changes due to a deteriorating security situation and uncertain...

Category: China Brief, Foreign Policy, East Africa, China, China and the Asia-Pacific, Home Page

Army Day Themes Laud Party Leadership, Highlights Discord

August 22, 2016

On August 1st, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) celebrated the 89th anniversary of its founding. Units from the CMC to defense attaché officers overseas host receptions honoring the PLA’s historical achievements from its...

Category: China Brief, Home Page, Domestic/Social, Elite, Military/Security, Featured

Chinese Military Promises Aid to Syria

August 22, 2016

China has announced a shift in its foreign policy toward Syria. During a visit to Damascus on August 14, People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) Rear Admiral Guan Youfei (关友飞) noted that this year marks the 60th anniversary of...

Category: China Brief, Foreign Policy, Military/Security, Terrorism, China and the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Syria, Home Page

Boko Haram: Abu Musab al-Barnawi’s Leadership Coup and Offensive in Niger

August 19, 2016

On August 3, Islamic State (IS) announced that Habib Yusuf (a.k.a. Abu Musab al-Barnawi), the son of Boko Haram founder Muhammed Yusuf, was the new wali (governor) of its “West Africa Province,” the name IS gave to Boko Haram...

Category: Terrorism Monitor, Home Page, Featured, Terrorism, Africa, West Africa

Political Turmoil in KRG Risks Hindering Kurdish Efforts Against Islamic State

August 19, 2016

Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Iraq have been some of the most effective in tackling Islamic State (IS) on the ground, but the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) itself has been mired for more than a year in political turmoil over...

Category: Terrorism Monitor, Home Page, Terrorism, Middle East, Iraq

Al-Shabaab Aims for ‘Hearts and Minds’ With Establishment of Islamic Police Force

August 19, 2016

Al-Shabaab, the al-Qaeda affiliate in Somalia, claims to have established a religious police force in an area it controls in southern Somalia, seeking to push forward its Islamist agenda even as it struggles to hold on to its...

Category: Terrorism Monitor, Home Page, Terrorism, East Africa, Africa


August 19, 2016

Philippines: MNLF Hardens Stance Toward Abu Sayyaf

Four members of the Southeast Asian militant group Abu Sayyaf were killed in the southern Philippines during a confrontation with members of the Moro National Liberation Front...

Category: Terrorism Monitor, Home Page, Terrorism, South Asia, Pakistan, Southeast Asia

Al-Shabaab Leader’s First Audio Message Suggests Morale Is Low Among Somali Militants

August 5, 2016

After nearly two years of silence, al-Shabaab leader Sheikh Ahmad Umar Abu Ubaidah has released his first audio message, a fiery rant that appears aimed at motivating his beleaguered fighters as they battle African Union (AU)...

Category: Terrorism Monitor, Home Page, Featured, Terrorism, Africa, East Africa, Turkey

Why Islamic State Is Clinging on to the Syrian City of Manbij

August 5, 2016

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) officially launched its operation to take the city of Manbij on May 31. It is one of the most strategic and difficult operations the SDF – an alliance that includes Kurdish People’s Protection...

Category: Terrorism Monitor, Home Page, Terrorism, Middle East, Iraq, Syria

A New Threat to Libya’s Stability Emerges

August 5, 2016

While Islamic State (IS) is in decline in the central Libyan city of Sirte, another armed group with ties to the global jihadist movement is threatening to usher in a new period of instability in Libya. In a written statement...

Category: Terrorism Monitor, Home Page, Terrorism, Africa, North Africa


August 5, 2016

Iraq: Islamic State Targets KRG-Administered Oilfield

Islamic State (IS) fighters attacked the Bai Hasan oil field in Kirkuk, northern Iraq on July 31, killing at least four people, including oil workers and security guards. Two...

Category: Terrorism Monitor, Home Page, Terrorism, Middle East, Iraq, Latin America

New Generation of Politicians Set to Play Growing Role in Kazakhstan

August 3, 2016

After long years of model stability, Kazakhstan is currently facing increasing turbulence in its economy and security. The country continues to struggle with the negative repercussions of the oil market slowdown, which has...

Category: Eurasia Daily Monitor, Home Page, Domestic/Social, Central Asia, Kazakhstan

Attack on Gülen Movement Increasingly a Cornerstone of Turkey’s Foreign Policy in the Balkans

August 3, 2016

The recent coup attempt in Turkey (July 15–16) and the government’s domestic response have occupied a great deal of media attention over the past several weeks. But the broader geopolitical implications are also gradually coming...

Category: Eurasia Daily Monitor, Home Page, Foreign Policy, Europe, Balkans, Turkey

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    Foreign Affairs Published Article by Jamestown Senior Fellow Alex Vatanka

    August 12, 2016

    Jamestown Senior Fellow Alex Vatanka wrote an article on Azerbaijan's geopolitical position and its response to violent Islamism for Foreign Affairs, entitled "Baku's Choice: How Iran and Russia are wooing Azerbaijan."

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    The Economist Cites Jacob Zenn

    August 12, 2016

    Jamestown Fellow Jacob Zenn was cited in an Economist article on competition in Boko Haram's leadership, "Boko Haram breaks up."

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