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Ukraine’s Security Challenges in the East and Military Reform

July 15, 2015 02:00 PM


On July 27, 2015, The Jamestown Foundation hosted former Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defense, Admiral Ihor Kabanenko, and Vice President of Kyiv-based high-technology firm KM Core, Bohdan Kupych....

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Energy Articles on Russia

Threats to Georgian Pipeline Security: What is Moscow’s Game?

July 27, 2015

Russia’s latest incursions from the breakaway Georgian territory of South Ossetia into adjacent territory heretofore controlled by Georgia have given rise to renewed security concerns for Georgia’s strategic East-West Highway as...

Category: Eurasia Daily Monitor, Home Page, Foreign Policy, Military/Security, Transit, Energy, The Caucasus, Georgia, Azerbaijan , Russia

Fallout From Greece’s Financial Crisis May Negatively Impact Azerbaijan’s European Energy Strategy

July 17, 2015

The Greek government’s wide-ranging efforts to prevent the country’s financial collapse finally culminated in an agreement with the European Union, on July 13 (see EDM, July 14). The bailout deal provides new concessions...

Category: Eurasia Daily Monitor, Home Page, Economics, Foreign Policy, Energy, Transit, The Caucasus, Azerbaijan , Europe, Central Europe

Turkmenistan Complains Gazprom Is Not Paying Its Bills

July 15, 2015

On July 8, Turkmenistan’s Ministry of Oil and Gas noted that Russian state natural gas company Gazprom had failed to pay for imports since the beginning of the year, stating, “The Russian company OAO Gazprom has failed to pay...

Category: Eurasia Daily Monitor, Home Page, Featured, Foreign Policy, Economics, Energy, Transit, Central Asia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

BRICS for Greece

July 13, 2015

It appeared too great a temptation to pass up for the Kremlin when Greece’s impending default and exit from the Eurozone or even the European Union (the so-called Grexit) occurred simultaneously with the annual BRICS summit, this...

Category: Eurasia Daily Monitor, Home Page, Featured, Economics, Foreign Policy, Energy, Transit, China and the Asia-Pacific, China, Russia

Italy’s Energy Policy Untouched by Turkish Stream’s Flop

July 10, 2015

In a surprising turn of events, on July 8, the Russian state-run natural gas monopoly Gazprom canceled a contract with the Italian oil and gas services group Saipem. The two companies were supposed to jointly build the first line...

Category: Eurasia Daily Monitor, Home Page, Economics, Foreign Policy, Energy, Transit, Europe, Ukraine, Western Europe, Russia

The Protests and Energy Interdependence in Armenia: View From Baku

July 7, 2015

The protests in Yerevan against rising electricity prices have sparked a debate over the motives, expectations, and impact of this public outcry (see EDM, June 27). Energy shortfalls and crises have long been a sensitive subject...

Category: Eurasia Daily Monitor, Home Page, Domestic/Social, Energy, Military/Security, The Caucasus, South Caucasus , Azerbaijan , Armenia, Russia

Russia’s New Energy Accords: Are They for Real?

July 1, 2015

Given the centrality of energy to the Russian economy and the withering impact of continuing low energy prices and sanctions, Russia has ample reason to promote energy deals with anyone it can find. The annual St. Petersburg...

Category: Eurasia Daily Monitor, Featured, Home Page, Domestic/Social, Economics, Energy, Transit, Europe, Balkans, Austria

Planned Electricity Fee Increase May Revive Protest Movement in Armenia

June 12, 2015

In early May, the Electric Networks of Armenia (ENA) joint-stock company (a subsidiary of Russian RAO UES International) submitted a request to Armenia’s state regulatory commission for a fee increase for retail customers....

Category: Eurasia Daily Monitor, Home Page, Domestic/Social, Foreign Policy, The Caucasus, Armenia, Russia, Energy

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